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About Us

New Age Southern Eats LLC, a specialty food producer, based in Birmingham, AL, is woman-owned and operated by Brittany Hagood, with the a tiny bit of help from her husband, Brandon.  Shortly after the couple met in 2005, it was obvious both shared two, mutual passions - the beach and food.

Smoked tuna dip is a staple throughout Florida, especially in the Panhandle and beach areas.   Over time the couple and acquired quite the taste for it, to the point they would find themselves craving smoked tuna dip on a regular basis.  Considering fresh tuna dip is hard to find, unless you are on the gulf coast, and being the avid home-cooks they are, the two decided to develop a recipe and make their own version.  

During the 10 year period of tweaking their recipe and sharing it with friends and family, many people urged the couple to take the product to market and sell to the masses.  Finally, in the 2019, New Age Southern Eats LLC was formed by Brittany.

Brittany's love for southern and low-country fare inspired her to focus the business on those cuisines, while incorporating a touch of modern influence.  New Age Southern Eats, also known N.A.S. Eats™, is very much in its infancy, so the sky is the limit.  The Smoked Tuna Dip is only the beginning.  Expect to see new products introduced and business expansion as time passes.  


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