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N.A.S Eats™
Smoked Tuna Dip

N.A.S Eats™ Smoked Tuna Dip starts from wild caught, sushi-grade, Yellowfin "Ahi" Tuna steaks.  What separates our product from others is the careful selection of ingredients and the mingling of complex flavors, which provides an unrivaled and unique eating experience.


N.A.S Eats™ Smoked Tuna Dip plays on all of the senses including smell, texture, look and taste - taste being smoked tuna with just the right amount of smokiness, creaminess, savoriness, sweetness, tanginess and spiciness.

Smoked and produced in Birmingham, Alabama, our product is gluten-free.  It's gourmet, sushi-grade and premium.

Eat it with crackers as a dip or treat it like a traditional tuna salad.  Get creative and enjoy...


More products coming soon...

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